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  • What is eBay feedback?
    Every buyer on eBay is given the opportunity to rate and give comments about the seller to tell how the experience with the seller was. This is like a mini-review of the seller, or what is being sold. Similarly, the seller can also leave feedback to the buyer. This feedback is then visible publicly and can act as a guide to other eBayers to judge whether it's worth dealing with the user.
  • Can eBay feedback give me information about a product?
    Yes and no. It depends on the case. First, if you're looking for a big-brand item, then it makes more sense to read reviews about it elsewhere. However, when reviews are not available, the feedback can be your only hope. Assuming that previous buyers mentioned something about the quality of the product (which normally is the case), you can look at the seller's feedback to search for comments for the same item that you are looking for.
  • How does Feedback Selector help me?
    Feedback Selector is an eBay feedback filter / search engine. If you are trying to look for comments about a specific item, most probably you will have to browse through long pages of comments about other items that you are not interested in but that the same seller has been selling. Feedback Selector does the job for you. It browses through thousands of feedback comments, picking only those that were given for the item you're looking for. All you have to do is enter the seller ID and a few keywords, and within a few seconds you get the result.