• How should I use Feedback Selector?
    First, look for the item you are interested in on eBay. Once you have the item you want, copy the seller ID from eBay to the seller field on feedback selector, and then, either do the same for the item name by copying it to the "Item Title Keywords" field, or else you may copy only the relevant keywords so that feedback from similar item listings will be included in the search results.
  • Why does the site say it's displaying feedback entries 1 - 2000 when I'm only seeing much less?
    This is because most of the feedback entries in those 2000 have been filtered out, which is the whole point of Feedback Selector. We download 2000 entries, but remove all those that are irrelevant to the keywords you entered, and so you get only what you are looking for.
  • Why do results take a bit long to load sometimes?
    Every time you perform a search or press Next, Feedback Selector retrieves up to 2000 feedback entries from eBay. This means that a huge amount of data has to be downloaded and processed before it can be presented to you.
  • What are the limitations of Feedback Selector?
    Feedback Selector can only show feedback that has an item name assigned to it. Unfortunately, eBay sometimes deletes the item name of old transactions and also hides the item name of private listings. Therefore, only feedback for left in the last few months for non-private listings can be processed and shown. It is however recommended to try to avoid private listings (it would show a note on the bottom left of the page saying that that the listing is private). While there are some genuine cases for sellers to use private listings (such as hiding buyers' identities), such listings can be used so that feedback cannot be associated with specific items - therefore allowing sellers to get away with selling inferior products.