Feedback Selector started up as a very minor personal project. I was on eBay looking for an LED brake light bulb for my car. I knew from past experience that the quality and brightness of LEDs varies greatly from seller to seller, and I didn't want to end up with more useless junk. So, I tried to look for some information on the web, but I didn't find any that pointed to specific sellers, and as these bulbs were all unbranded Chinese products, finding a proper review was something impossible.

So, I ended up looking through the eBay feedback of different sellers, but as most sellers don't sell just one single product, I had to go through hundreds of feedback entries for unrelated products, scrolling around, using the browser search box, etc. Eventually, I decided to take the easy way out, and build a simple application to filter out the feedback for me so that I can look for just one kind of item. I found this so useful, that I though it would benefit humanity if it were to be provided for free for everyone to use, and hence came Feedback Selector.

At the moment, the main target of this site is to help eBay buyers to get a better idea of the quality of the items on offer when these items are unbranded, or when a review cannot be found elsewhere. Other uses may include spotting counterfeit goods, and checking if shipping for a specific item normally takes too long because of its size or weight. Feel free to use Feedback Selector for whatever comes to mind. Happy bidding!